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Video Transceiver

Video Transceiver

1. Co-axial Transceiver
1. High-speed Frequency Division Multiplexing technology is adopted so that several channels of signals can be multiplexed without transmission delay or interference.
2.The knob for adjusting transmission distance built in the Receiver support adjustments according to actual transmission distance for best signal output.
3. Built-in video adjusting button in the Transmitter can cooperate with different video cameras.
4.With energy-saving circuit to achieve best energy efficiency ratio

2. Fibre Video Transceiver
Product Features:
8-Bit Uncompressed Digitally Encoded Video
High Resolution Video Transmission over a Single Fibre
Multimode Fibre Distance up to 2km
Singlemode Fibre Distance up to 80km
Adjustment-free installation and operation
Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM Video standards
LED indicators for system monitoring
Product Description:Single channel 8-bit uncompressed digital video receiver for Singlemode and Multimode applications
Technical Specifications:Video
- Video output: 1 Volt p-p, 75 Ohm
- Bandwidth: 5Hz - 7.5MHz
- Encoding: 8-bit digital, uncompressed
- Differential gain: < 1%
- Differential phase: < 0.7
- Tilt: < 1%
- Signal to noise ratio: 67 dB
- Connector: BNC
- Optical input: 1310nm Singlemode; 850nm Multimode
- Receiver sensitivity: -30 dBm; 80km Singlemode; 2km Multimode
- Connector: SC/FC/ST,19'' 1U rack mounted with LC connector
- Number of fibres: 1
- Power supply: 5V DC  (external 220V AC)
- Operating temperature: -30 to 50
- Operating humidity: 0% to 95%; non-condensing
- Dimensions (mm): 192 x 173 x 56 mm
- Fibre: Singlemode
- Wavelength: 1310nm
    Transmitter Output Power: -8 to -3dBm
    Sensitivity: less than or equal :-35dbm
    Receiver - Sensitivity:more than or equal to -24dBM
    Optical Power Budget: 17 to 22dB
    Maximum Distance: 20km

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