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The Godrej Eagle Electronic Burglar and Fire Alarm System with the latest microprocessor technology is programmed to provide high levels of security. Be it to secure your family and yourself against the threat of unlawful entry. Or to protect valuable assets in your home, office or establishment from the threat of burglary and fire.

Eagle consists of an intelligent 3-zone Main control panel and a range of detectors and sensors such as magnetic door sensors, Motion sensors, Vibration sensors, Glass break sensors, Panic switch (Hand operated or foot operated), and Smoke detectors (Photo thermal, Photoelectric or Heat).

Sensors and Detectors act as Input devices to the panel that sense any alarm condition and signal the panel. The panel can be connected to output devices such as a Hooter/Paging speakers. Eagle also offers you the option of an Automatic Telephone Dialing (ATD) facility. This system automatically calls up pre-fed numbers in case of an Alarm. These could be the appropriate authorities or your own contact numbers, including your mobile number in case you are not present at home.


The standard features are:


     Three Zones with one dedicated fire zone


     Arm and Disarm mode


     Ease of operations


     Battery back of 36 hrs for standard configuration. (The number of backup hours depends upon the number of sensors and the distance between sensors and the control panel)


     Automatic switch over to battery in case of AC Power failure


     Automatic battery charging once the AC Power is restored


     Low Battery indication


     Audio-visual alarm indications


     Different tones on speakers can set be for Fire and Burglary alarm indication


     Speaker wire cut detection for all sensors and Hooters / Speakers


     Open / Short circuit detection in fire Zone by audio-visualindication


     Provision of interface for optional external devices such as ATD facility