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Rs. 2,499/-

The safe enables portability and can even be used at home.

Cars are a second home to many. With life constantly on the move, people have to carry more than just an AUX cable in their glove box. Jewelry, electronic devices, documents etc are often stolen. Doing it broad daylight isn’t a problem either as often these goons are tied up with local towing companies, who know how to break into a car in under 25 seconds. Godrej has recognized this need for improved security and has launched a mobile safe known as the Godrej MotorMate.




 Ideal for use in cars, trucks, caravans, at home, in office and garage etc.

 Can be used with cable (anchored) and without cable (non-anchored)

 Easy to hide in secret places inside your car

 Adequate space to secure your mobile, camera, keys, money, jewellery, car stereo etc

 Side-slide opening that lets you access the safe properly

 Flocked inner box to provide a scratch-proof environment for your delicate valuables

 2mm thick brushed aluminum outer casing so that scratches are not visible