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E-Swipe safe are electronic safes with a technologically advanced swipe reader.




     Can be opened with a secret password or by the swipe of a personal debit/credit card or by the combination of both.


     Heavy duty push-button key-pad with a magnetic swipe reader.


     Keypad freezes if wrong password is entered or wrong card is swiped consecutively.


     Dual Password levels. User and master passwords with 4 digit password capability.


     Non-Volatile memory prevents password erasure during battery drain or failure.


     Emergency mechanical override, to open safe without damage in-case password is forgotten.


Specifications MM (Milli Meter) Inches Feet
Height 250 mm 9.8" ¾ Feet
Width 455 mm 17.9" 1 ½ Feet
Depth 375 mm 14.7" 1 ¼ Feet
Net Weight (kg) 15 kg
Volume (Lts) 35 Ltrs
M.R.P Rs. 12,999/-