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Crusade Against Counterfeiters

The hazard of fake Indian currency notes has shown a steep rise in the recent years. Fake currency not only causes monetary losses to your business, but it also has far reaching ill-effects on economy viz. reduction in the value of real money, increase in prices (inflation caused by more money getting circulated in the economy), etc.

Crusader Pro is specifically designed to authenticate Indian currencies. The specially designed easy-to-read digital display gives the quantity of accepted notes. It comes bundled with an additional display unit for customer’s convenience. It also verifies any old or new Indian note within seconds. Simply insert the notes and the display will show the count and will confirm the note’s authenticity or indicate if it is a counterfeit.



 Specifically designed - To suit Indian currency.

 Counterfeit detection and loose note counting - Done simultaneously.

 Detects - Both fake notes and unusable notes viz. half note & double notes.

 Multi-counterfeit detection system - Ultra Violet (UV), Infra Red (IR) & Magnetic Sensor.

 Automatic self check - Once powered on, the machine performs a self check of all the sensors and points to errors if any.

 Automatic start / stop operation - Crusader Pro automatically starts once the notes are fed into the feeder.

 Upgradable software - Crusader Pro’s firmware can be easily upgraded online.

 Multi-functions - Preset, Batch & Add.

 Three modes of functioning - Mix, New & Old.

 Mix mode - Counts and detects counterfeit for both old and new (Silver & green banded) type of notes.

 New mode - Counts and detects counterfeit for only new (green banded) type of notes. Machine stops on silver banded note.

 Old mode - Counts and detects counterfeit for only old (silver banded) type of notes. Machine stops on green banded note.

 This is useful to sort silver and green banded notes.

 Display - 192 X 64 mm Blue LCD Specially designed display to notify all functions and errors for easy user understanding. Display count up to 9999.

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 Operation Mode : Mix/New/Old counterfeit detection


 Counterfeit Detection : UV, IR, MG




 Stacker Capacity : 200 notes


 Counting Speed : 1000 notes per min


 Size Range of Notes Min: 50 X 100, Max: 90 X 190


 Power Supply : AC230 / 120V


 Power Consumption : 70W


 Dimensions : 292 X 240 X 178 mm


 Gross Weight : 7kg