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 Scalable: Supports 50 Wireless Sensors, 10 Remote Keyfobs, 50 FR Tags

 Alarm Communication over GSM : Supports 5 Phone Numbers, 1 Speed Dial Number and 1 RF Tag Notification Number

 Control and Configure using Mobile Application ( Supports Android and Apple)

 Remote Monitoring using App

 Built in Buzzer (85 dB)

 SMS and Call Alert for Alarm Condition

 SMS Notification for AC failure, Low battery and AC recovery

 Tamper protection for panel and sensors

 Touch Sensitive Keypad

 Internal Battery backup for upto 5 Hours in case of power failure

 Wire free installation


Eagle-I PRO Kit

Panel – 1 N
Door Sensor – 2 N
RF Tag – 2N
Key Fob – 1 N
Mounting Accessories 
User Manual
Mobile Application (Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store)



Wireless Hooter
Wired Hooter
Door Sensor
RF Tag
Key Fob


Sensor Placement

Door / Window Contacts
Wireless Panel
PIR Motion Sensors
Wireless Hooter cum Strobe



Scenario – I


User has moved out of the house and is unaware of system status.

Remote Check possible using Mobile Application.
Incase the system is not armed, user can remotely arm the system and secure the premises.


Scenario – II


User does not want to share PIN number to unlock system and still requires maid to visit home when the system is armed.


Share preprogrammed RF Tag with the domestic help, system can be disarmed using RF Tag and at the same time an SMS is sent to the user with the Tag Name.


Scenario – III


User has received an Alarm SMS and Alarm Call. The user need to confirm if the alarm is genuine.


The system can be called using the registered phone, the system initiates a two way communication between the user and the panel. The user can listen to the ambient noise and determine whether it’s a genuine alarm


Scenario – IV


The interiors the house are done, the user wants a wire free system

The system does not need any cable laying or wiring. It is a complete wireless system. Wireless range of upto 30 mtrs (open air) is supported.


Scenario – V


The user faces power failure and is concerned about battery backup of the panel as well as the sensors

The panel has got internal batteries to support upto 5 Hours. The sensor batteries can last upto 1 year. The panel also sends out an SMS alerting the user about the power failure